Updates in the world of me. - SWAP SPOILER

So the past few days have been kind of a wash. I haven't done much of anything, really. My depression is setting back in, big time. I've gotten paperwork from the Social Security administration about my disability claim. I need to fill it out and get it back to them. I'll probably do that today, fill them out right after I get done blogging and put it in the mail this afternoon. They scheduled me for a mental evaluation the day after christmas, which is in the morning on the 26th. I'll be leaving at 1 PM on the 26th, so it's cutting things a little close.

I got my partner for the Ravelry holiday swap. She's going to be a tough one to shop for, considering she has no blog, and only 27 posts on the forum. I don't know what in the world to get her. SWAP SPOILERS ahead. If you are my partner on the Ravelry 2007 Holiday Swap, or you think you are, or know who it is, DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER. In fact, I'll do what movie spoiler sites do...If you want to read the spoiler, highlight the text below to read.

I'm not at all sure what to get my partner. I was thinking of giving her some of the Fantacia Te Amo yarn I've got in my stash. It's 50% acrylic and 50% silk. Two skeins should be enough for a hat. I'm thinking of including a cute little cloche hat pattern, as its one of the few crochet patterns I found that was actually cute that used bulky yarn. This yarn is mostly bulky. I mean, it isn't worsted and its not a true bulky. It's in a rainbow of colors, so it's bright and fun. I'm also thinking of getting her some coffee samples so she can try different types, and some bag balm, to soothe hands. Also thinking of making her a crochet hook organizer and getting some some soaps, maybe a book to enjoy, althugh I don't know what genre she reads. Maybe a rubber duckie and do not disturb sign for her door. She has kids, so these things may come in handy for relaxation. I'm also going to figure something else out for her.

My main concern is that cigarette smoke bothers her, and my house has two smokers living in it. Yikes. I'll air it all out, wash what I can, and spray what I can't with air freshner.

Now, with all that said, I've been knitting a bit. I started on my mom's citrine socks. THe unravelling didn't work out so well. So I'll be doing it in Caron Dazzelaire with some white acrylic for the heels and toes. Pastel colors make me sick, but the yarn is so soft and fuzzy. It makes me happy. I also worked a bit more on the Big Girl blanket. Besides that, though, ravelry and secondlife have been eating up a fair bit of my time.


kasiaiscarly said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit and enter my contest! I read your spoiler.. . I would avoid spraying anything with air freshener, only because it will smell like air freshener covered smoke :) I'm an ex-smoker, and anything remotely smoky kills me now.

Also, as an engineer, I love your animal names :)

Good Luck in the contest!!

Sisterly Knits said...

Glad your feeling better. I agree with kasiais. My Dad smokes, and my mom constantly sprays air freshener. It doesn't help very much. Whatever you can wash, use vinegar. It kills the smell. If you hate the smell of smoke too, you can put 1 cup of vinegar in a bowl, and set it in a corner in the room, or wipe down your walls with it. Seeing that my siblings think I have OCD, it's kind of weird for me to know this stuff. lol. :)

Sisterly Knits said...

**white vinegar. It's only about .99 a bottle.