Webs Scarf.

I've been working on my webs scarf all week. It's almost finished. I ripped out the first end I had botched. Well, more like cut it since it didn't want to rip back. I'm knitting on some more garter, then knitting the edges seperately and grafting them to the scarf. Not ideal, but it had to be done. THe lace pattern looked awful and I don't think I could stand giving my grandmother something that awful. Pictures to come soon, I promise.

Right now I've got The Santa Clause 2 on, am muching on leftover turkey, and am knitting my Webs scarf. After the webs scarf is the scarf for my dad. I think I've decided on Henry from Knitty Fall 2007. He'll enjoy that. I'll probably end up doing it in some brown Simply Soft I've got. I guess my stash is dominated by Simply Soft. Oh well.

I think between scarves I'll work on the cell phone cozies for my sisters in law, and the mug cozie for my mother in law.

I'm participating in the Ravelry Holiday 2007 swap, so there will be details of that too. Whoever I get paired with must PROMISE not to read posts marked as such.

It's chilly today. Back to knitting.

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