Long time no talk

So it's been a long, long time since I've posted. Things have been hectic. I've moved out of Glouster and out of the house with david's parents. We moved into our own little shack in Athens, OH.
Since then, our friend Brett has moved in, since he's having wife problems. His little girl, Savannah, is the one who got the skull sweater knit for her. You should all remember that project. Whoo.
On the subject of the cats, only Pi came with us. Pi is the cat formerly known as Quita. We found out he was a boy. The other two cats are being placed up for adoption since my sisters in law cannot care for them.

On the knitting front, I've got some things going on that are new.

Brett's requested a hat with earflaps. That's being done in black Lion brand homespun.

I've got a granny square blanket to work on all my acrylic stash.

Other misc. projects that are still going on, but nothing real to speak of. Yeah.

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