Holiday cheer?

I feel like I should be spreading Holiday Cheer today. It's not like I've got any myself, so I can't exactly be spreading around feelings that I haven't got. We don't even have the money to get a tree or ornaments, so its going to be a sparse christmas this year.

Last night was Molly's 24th birthday party. There were card games (including one that was a lot like double solitaire, but whose name I cannot exactly recall.), Egyptian Rat Screw (the polite name for it, mind you.) and Sequence. There was also Age of Empires, which made me and Molly very happy. Pi came along, and he enjoyed himself very much. I found out I can knit while intoxicated. In fact, certain substances make it easier to knit. haha.

I'm also just in a very bad mood today. My moods fluccuate depending on a lot of different factors. Today, my mother was laying down a massive guilt trip on me. I do not feel good about that. I'd rather not have to deal with it. But it's a fact of life. I've been surfing the Kaoani websites (those little animated gif images sprinkled throughout this post. It's a japanese thing, and it's super cute, in my humble opinion), and they've kinda cheered me up. Reminding me I haven't done any christmas knitting today. My Y key on my keyboard keeps popping off, so I'll cut this post short. Toodles!


Sisterly Knits said...

Thanks for the comment Squeaky! I've added you, and have a wicked time turning nineteen! <3Kaya

Gina said...

We've gone treeless for the past few years. Christmas doesn't feel the same without a tree, but that's a new reason to enjoy spending Christmas dinner at a relatives house, lol.