These past few days have been very unproductive. We went up to visit David's great grandmother last night. She's dying. I've only met her once before, but the difference was astounding and its such a shame. Even her cat, Hilary, knows what's going on. Hilary was cuddling up to me and begging me to take her home, I think. I felt kind of bad, because the cat has hot spots and is miserable on top of it all.

I brought along Baby Katelyn's "Not a Baby" blanket. She's three years old now. It's a big girl blanket. It's going to still be tiny, I only have two skeins of Super Saver to work with, but that's what her mother gave me, so that's what I'll use. Stockinette center, moss stitch borders and a crocheted edge in Lavendar and Sage, to match her new "big girl" room.

After visiting his great grandma, we went back to his mother's house. I didn't know we'd be staying the night, so I got kind of pissy. David and I didn't bring anything to stay the night. We had no cigarettes (bad habit, I know.) and I didn't bring my meds. Because I didn't bring my meds, I started having rape flashbacks and misery and panic attacks. It was no fun at all. I cannot possibly miss my medication, and because of all that's going on with Job and Family Services, I'm going to be losing my insurance once I turn 19 (we make "too much" money for that age bracket. Never mind we cannot even pay the rent on a timely basis. The money bracket for 19 and over is 250$ USD a month. Ick.) And I cannot go without my medication. I'll be insane. I don't know what to do. So I'm trying to file for disability on the basis of medication dependency. It's going to take a while.

David's sister and I went out for a walk to visit her friends. Things got kinda muddled, and she got into trouble. I feel bad becaus I was partly responsible for having her out so late. But all in all, it wasn't a bad time. Walking the railroad tracks in Glouster was fun. I found a cemetery I didn't know was there, so all was good.

I'll be test knitting a pattern for someone on Ravelry. Details on this will be few and far between unless she says I can post. In which case, I will. She's sending me yarn to do it, and I'm happy about that.

All in all, that's really all that's going on. I measured my mother in law's favorite mug this morning, so I'll finish the coffee cozie sometime soon.l I also started unravelling a thrift store sweater for my mum's Citrine Socks. It's pink variegated, so hopefully it will turn out awesome. I think it's a wool mohair blend, because I did the burn test. It charred, smelled like burnt hair, but didn't self extinguish. It actually went up rather quickly, which is, if I'm not mistaken, a sign of mohair. It feels like wool and mohair. I just wish I had a definitive way to know what it was. I don't have any bleach to do the bleach test either. Ah well.

In other news, here's a photo of me and my friend Molly from her commitment ceremony. Her birthday is today. I know she doesn't read this, but Happy Birthday anyway, Molly! (That's her signifigant other, Amanda to her right, as well as David peeking in the background.)

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Hope you feel better, and wish you luck! <3 Kaya