Inventory Time

So It's time to take inventory of all that I need to do before the holidays -

Knit a hat for my older brother (probably a bucket hat, like the one from VK 25th anniversary) - no yarn picked out yet.
Knit Knucks for my younger brother (knitty.com) - no yarn picked out yet.
Knit a scarf for my dad (Still haven't found a pattern I like. The Irish Hiking Scarf maybe?)- Caron Simply Soft
Knit a pair of socks for my mom (Citrine Socks from IK Holiday 2007) - Unraveled cashmere thrift store sweater
Knit a pair of socks for Molly (IK's Tyrolean Socks) - Caron Simply Soft Brites
Knit a purse for Amanda (no pattern yet...maybe Zeeby's Bag from the first stitch and bitch!) - No yarn picked out yet
Knit cell phone cozies for my two sisters in law. - no yarn picked out yet
Knit my father in law socks (He's a size men's 15 triple E. Yikes) - no yarn picked out yet
Knit my mother in law something (I dunno what yet. Scarf? Hat? More likley a coffee cozie) - no yarn picked out yet. But scraps should make it easy to do the coffee cup cozie.

I still have to finish my grandmother's Webs scarf. That's going to be easy to do. It's in Caron Simply Soft Light Country Blue, and it matches her coat exactly. I'm going over to my inlaw's tonight to stay for thanksgiving, and I'll be bringing it with me. I botched the lace pattern, and am eliminating the acre pattern for favor of garter stitch.

I finished my other grandma's scarf a while ago. Moss stitch in a nice virgin wool. dyed peacock like colors. Yummy.

I'm justifying my knitting myself a pair of citrine socks as testing the pattern for my mother's socks.

I'm also not sure what to get the hubby for christmas. Yeah. That should be interesting. I don't even know what he wants.

As far as other knitting related news, Ravelry is a time sucker. A yummy, yummy time sucker that grabs me in every time. I've been surfing knitting blogs all afternoon, in hopes that someone might return the favor and read mine. I don't usually have photos, my digital camera has a cracked lense, but I do make posts, and I'm hoping to make posts more often.

As far as projects that have been put on the back burner for holiday knitting, I have:
My wedding afghan - it's still not finished. I doubt it will be finished by my husband and my one year anniversary. I don't have the effort or money. It's single crochet, but so, so comfy.

My granny square afghan - just put on the back burner for a bit.

Scrubbies - we need new washcloths, but I don't want to knit them just yet. I've got a whole truckload of black cotton yarn to use, too.

Norbert - the dragon scale's shawl from THe YarnPath. in a lovely acrylic/mohair blend.

My steampunk gloves - fingerless. Acrylic. SImple.

My vest.

My aran isles afghan

My other Simple Sock

My other fingerless glove for hubby

And more, I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I know i am, in fact. But that's enough torment. I have too many projects.


Ruth said...

When are you going to do all that knitting? Forget the cleaning. Just shove everything into a closet, under the beds, fake garbage cans, etc.

Thanks for our comments on my blog.

Happy Turkey Day!

Squeaky said...

I did forget the cleaning....And kept on knitting. heehee. Happy turkey day to you as well!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm really impressed at your list of Christmas knitting...you are going to be busy. :-) Have a happy Thanksgiving - there's no holiday over here in Germany and I'm missing it.